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Gifts of Women/Creating Order in the Midst of Chaos

Is a devotional guide, based on Biblical principles and portraying the strength of women.  Women possess natural gifts that can be useful in restoring peace to local neighborhoods. The traditional stereotypes of women can be viewed as strengths when utilized in a positive manner. Examples of positive roles of women are taken from Scriptures and from the modern Civil Rights Movement. 

Author: Peggy Ann Griffin                     Paperback                                      48 Pages

# 103                      ISBN 1-884056-22-9                          Price: $5.00   plus $2.00 for mailing   

Talking Treasures

is a collection of five folk stories, depicting the lives of African-Americans in Appalachia.  The stories contain morals that help shape character and foster critical thinking. The collection comes from oral tradition and can be shared with the whole family.  The book is fully illustrated by Chicago Artist, Darrell Pulliam.

Author: Peggy Ann Griffin                            Paperback                                   71 Pages

#102                      ISBN 1-884056-01-6                   Price: 9.95  plus $3.00 for mailing              

Healthy Soul Cuisine from the Heart of Appalachia

contains over 300 highly nutritious vegetarian recipes and tips.  The recipes are based on the traditional diet of African-Americans in Appalachia but have been converted into vegan vegetarian meals.  A guide called the Law of Substitution enables users to accommodate their own specialty diets.  The book also contains: raw food recipes, gluten-free recipes, tips on healthy eating, a meal planning guide, and mountain style humor.  There is a heaping spoonful of love and comfort in every recipe.

Author: Peggy Ann Griffin                Paperback                   184 Pages

#101      ISBN 1-884056-19-9       Price: $11.95 each plus $3.00 for mailing

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