Proposal for Funding 2016-2017

Name of Campaign: Peace Seeds

Funding Goal: $37,300

Contact Person: Dr. Peggy Ann Griffin

Address: 5225 N. Kenmore Ave. #9C, Chicago, IL 6064--2470

Project Goal: To obtain funding for the production of resources and to conduct workshops that focus on peace education, offering non-violent alternatives.

Specific Objectives:

 To reissue 3 current titles and release 7 new titles.

 To present the concept of peace education by conducting 12 workshops.

 To produce 2 short videos and 1 box game.

 To conduct interviews with the 10 most influential thought leaders who have impacted the reduction of violence, recording the results in an on-line blog and other publications. (Project PEARL)

 To conduct research in local neighborhoods to discover acts of peace that helped decrease violence and lift up pearls of wisdom that can be adapted in other settings.

Duration of Campaign: May 16-July 16, 2016

Duration of Project: July 18, 2016 – July 18, 2016

Who We Are: Outlook Educational Services produces resources and conducts workshops that promote Peace Education, making local neighborhoods safer through non-violent alternatives. Global Outlook Educational Services was established in 2001 by Dr. Peggy Ann Griffin. It is the culmination of her past experiences in teaching and writing that give impetus to the resources that are produced. We presently have three titles in circulation, which are patronized by educators, families, schools, and churches.

Project Pearl was launched in 2014. Project Pearl is the research component of Global Outlook Educational Services. A research team is conducting a phenomenological investigation of the ten most influential thought leaders in the city of Chicago, who have impacted the city in reducing violence in local neighborhoods. The results will appear in future publications and media productions.

Definition of Peace Education: UNICEF defines peace education as the following:

Peace education in UNICEF refers to the process of promoting the

knowledge, skills, attitudes and values needed to bring about behaviour

changes that will enable children, youth and adults to prevent conflict and

violence, both overt and structural; to resolve conflict peacefully; and to

create the conditions conducive to peace, whether at an intrapersonal,

interpersonal, intergroup, national or international level (UNICEF, 2011).

Global Outlook Educational Services adopts this definition. We are relating mainly to local neighborhoods in US cities, but recognize the need to associate local issues to wider global factors. Although our primary focus is in the Chicago area, our resources have universal themes and can be applied to other settings.

Purpose: To counter the high crime statistics through meaningful communication and produce resources that will add to the body of knowledge in peace education.

Vision: To bring about harmonious relationships inside homes, schools, organizations, and public environments, alleviating the violence that has plagued our society.

Mission: To create resources and conduct workshops that provide guidance steps toward safer neighborhoods.

Commitment: The proceeds from books and other resources benefit Peace Education projects.

Rationale: According to the Chicago Tribune(2016,April 4), 807 people have been victims of shootings during the period of time between January 1 - April 4,2016. This is almost doubled from 2015. During 2015, 2,988 shootings occurred during the year. During the year 2014, there were 2,587 shootings (Tribune Chicago, 2015). In Chicago, 726 youths are serving prison sentences (Chicago Youth Justice Data Project, 2014,August). Nationally, it has been reported that approximately three million children are abused (National Children’s Alliance, 2014), and one fifth of U.S. women are raped (Rabin, C.R., 2011). In 2014, A Chicago Tribune article reported 87 child deaths caused by neglect and abuse, with another 29 cases under investigation (Gutowski, 2014). Another report reveals that there were 1,332 sexual assaults in Chicago during year 2014 (CBS Chicago, 2014). In addition to all of the statistics above, one can commonly observe verbal and physical altercations on many streets, busses, and trains.

Global Outlook Educational services envisions impacting communities with Peace Education projects that will decrease these negative statistics. Little is it noted that some organizations and individuals have assumed roles in preventing violence. We want to highlight programs that have made a positive impact and duplicate actions that help eliminate negative behavior.

Based on past experiences, we conclude that people make better life choices when there is exposure to resources that reveal possibilities. Many teachers and parents buy the publications of Global Outlook Ed. Services, and also ask to be notified of new resources. We are convinced that there is a market for resources that address issues in peace education. The growing consciousness of Peace Education is well expressed in the words of the former Under Secretary General of the United Nations:

In addition to expanding the capacity of the students to understand the issues, peace education aims particularly at empowering the students, suited to their individual levels, to become agents of peace and nonviolence in their own lives as well as in their interaction with others in every sphere of their existence. (Chowdhury, 2008, p. IX)

Philosophy: Global Outlook Educational Services operates on the premise that One's vision guides what one accomplishes in life. Our educational goal is to help provide a lens through which participants can more fully envision the concept of "peace is possible." Our educational philosophy is that high expectations yield high results. We expect the best of human behavior and subsequently anticipate great achievements.

Positive values and moral actions are necessary in arriving at a more peaceful society. We, therefore revere the exemplary walk in life of such persons as Martin Luther King Jr., Mahatma Gandhi, and Henry David Thoreau. To build a system upon the noble ideas contributed by these individuals, we can follow the building models set forth by Mary McLeod Bethune. To be effective in the teaching-learning process while building on these models, we employ the Thomas Dewey theory of "Learning by doing."

The previously mentioned leaders had in common a vision that is international in scope. They foresaw the world in which we now live, and they left roadmaps for us to find our places in it. It is our responsibility to become international scholars and guide others in doing likewise. Modern technology and mass transportation compel us to look beyond our local neighborhoods. Communities have become more global. Communication devices and population shifts have brought us to each other's doorsteps. We therefore need to get better acquainted and become good neighbors. Global Outlook Educational Services views Peace Education as local and international. Our workshops and resources help build strong world communities.

Although we have a global perspective, we know that significant change occurs when an individual arrives at transformation. We therefore recognize the value of the recent research and work of Yale University Center for Emotional Intelligence. Their programs have been successful in enabling children and adults to identify and label their emotions. Emotions affect actions and outcomes. When individuals consider the feelings of others and manage their own emotions, relationships become more positive (Yale University Center for Emotional Intelligence, 2013).

Procedure: The Peace Seeds project will produce and distribute books, games, and videos that focus on Peace Education.  We will hold community writing workshops that will have a twofold purpose.  The workshops will enable participants to reflect on their actions and control their behavior, including equipping parents with the tools to manage emotions.  We shall incorporate the creative ideas that unfold from the workshops into written and visual media.  Our products are updated by continuing research through Project PEARL.  P-E-A-R-L stands for Peace, Education, Awareness, Resources, and Leadership.  We interview leaders and innovators who have helped reduce violence in their neighborhoods.  A fuller description of Project PEARL is outlined in the section on research.

The Peace Seeds project consists of four facets: publishing, media production, workshops, and research. All of these areas are presently in operation, but there is a need for expansion. Funds are being sought to build stronger models that will generate finances and resources to accomplish the goal of peace education.  Below is a description of the four areas of the Peace Seeds project.

Publishing – Global Outlook will reissue three current book titles and release seven new titles. In addition we will distribute one box game.


The three titles in circulation at the present time will be enhanced as described below.

Healthy Soul Cuisine Is a book of recipes. This literature contributes to the concept of peace education because healthy food creates an atmosphere for wholesome relationships and pleasant word exchanges. Printed copies are in distribution, but we shall also offer an electronic version.

The Gifs of Women/Creating Order in the Midst of Chaos is a pocket edition of a devotional guide portraying the strength of women in restoring peace to local neighborhoods. We are planning to change the title to Woman Power/Bringing Peace to Your Neighborhood (Book 1). This publication is the first of a collection of 7 pocket booklets called, Peace Works. The 6 accompanying books will be described in the new titles section. 5

Talking Treasures is a book of folk stories, depicting the lives of African Americans in Appalachia. The stories evoke critical thinking, which equips one to arrive at peaceable solutions to life situations. It is a collection of five stories but will be expanded to include ten stories in print and electronic formats.

The expansion of Global Outlook publishing will include the creation and release of seven new titles. The proposed descriptions are the following:

Men on the Move for More Order to be developed in a community workshop with men and boys, ages 16 and above. Pages: 50 Size: 6x4 Price: $5.00 (Peace Works Series)

Woman Power- Bringing Peace to your neighborhood (Book 2) to be developed in a community workshop with women and girls, ages 16 and above. Pages: 50 Size: 6x4 Price: $5.00 (Peace Works Series) 6

Parent Power & Peace To be developed in a community workshop, with parents and parent advocates. Pages: 50 Size: 6x4 Price: $5.00 (Peace Works Series)

Teen Leaders for Peace to be developed in a community workshop with teenagers, ages 13-19. Pages: 50 Size: 6x4 Price: $5.00 (Peace Works Series)

Elder Wisdom at Work for Peace to be developed in a community workshop with seniors and advocates for seniors. Pages: 50 Size: 6x4 Price: $5.00 (Peace Works Series)

Officer Friendly in Every Neighborhood to be developed in a community workshop with retired police officers, parents, and teenagers. Pages: 50 Size: 6x4 Price: $5.00 (Peace Works Series)

Dr. Peggy’s Periscope A satirical work that evokes critical thinking skills and elicits conversations. Pages: 80 Size: 6x4 Price: $9.95

Box Game:

The game will aid in the peace education process by strengthening critical thinking skills, equipping players with better communication tools, and challenging participants to make sound decisions. The game will be as described below:

NICE- A game of etiquette and common courtesy, building a vocabulary of terms that create a peaceful atmosphere.

Media Production:

We will produce two low-budget, short videos. The descriptions are below:

Global Outlook Educational Services A five minute promotional video, with a general view of ideals, products and services.

Peace Offerings A ten minute video with more specific details of products, workshops, and project PEARL.


Peace Education - interpersonal communication in groups, classrooms, or families* Intercultural communication* conflict resolution* internationalization of curricula

Writing/Publishing - Writing fundamentals* self- publishing* and writing resources 7

Health and Nutrition - live foods* vegan recipes* law of substitution* herbal remedies* vitamins* healthy lifestyles

African-American History - African antiquity* Africans in America* reconstruction* genealogy

The workshops mentioned above will be arranged upon request, and fees are negotiable. Global Outlook will hold community workshops that will produce the basic text for booklets in Peace Works. Small stipends will be issued to participants.


Project PEARL (Peace Education, Awareness, Research and Leadership) is the research arm of Global Outlook Educational Services. Our premise is that asking the right questions will lead to solutions to problems. One of the questions that we are asking is "What is the one thing that you believe needs to be done to eliminate violence?"

Another question that we are asking is "Who are the ten most influential thought leaders in the City of Chicago who have made an impact in reducing violence in local neighborhoods?" We believe that progressive actions in Chicago will offer solutions to the problem of violence in other US cities. The interviews will be videotaped, with the permission of interview participants.

The research will also search out the Pearls in local neighborhoods. What individual acts or organizational programs have directly brought about a peaceful result in neighborhoods? Can these actions be duplicated to bring the same result to other settings? Genuine pearls reveal a rainbow spectrum of light. What pearls have crossed cultural barriers to bring differing factors into positive relationships? We are operating on the hypothesis that hidden pearls exist but can be discovered and can become guiding lights for others.


Global Outlook Educational Services is an assumed named for the sole proprietorship of Peggy Ann Griffin. At the present time, there are no salaried employees. Ten volunteers render services occasionally. The future plan is to become an S corporation.

Structure: Presently, Peggy Ann Griffin serves as CEO and directs all publications and workshops. Volunteers assist with editing, proofreading, videography, photography, and distribution. We have been fortunate to receive pro-bono legal services from the Lawyers for Creative Arts. We expect to become more highly structured with a corporate board and some paid positions.

Location: Global Outlook Educational Services is a home based business, which uses other facilities occasionally for book signings, meetings, workshops, and other activities. This 8

proposal includes rental for working-meeting space in a central location. We are seeking facilities with shared space arrangements that will be available at specified office hours.

Personnel (Proposed part-time positions):

 Facilitator/ Chief Operating Officer- Oversee all operations; design, edit, and direct all publications; supervise staff; conduct workshops; advertise and market resources.

 Administrative Assistant- assist with all duties of the CEO, accountable to the CEO.

 Technical Assistant-Produce videos, assist with Project PEARL interviews, and assist in workshops.

 Business Coach- Review all operations, engage in consultations with CEO, offering guidance in sound business practices.

In addition to regular part-time staff, occasional services will be utilized from editors, proof readers, printers, and illustrators, lawyers, and accountants.

Future Projection

This funding project is only for year 2016, but this will be just a new beginning for the Peace Education initiative. We are here outlining a five year projection. This prognosis is necessary in order to effectively implement the plans for 2016. Below is listed the objectives for years 2016-2020.


 Revise, print, release, and distribute three current titles.

 Conclude Project Pearl interviews and publish findings.

 Conduct 6 Peace Writing Workshops in order to produce the Peace Works series.

 Compile materials for the booklets that were generated in the writing workshop.

 Construct and release one box game.

 Produce two short promotional videos.

 Conduct other workshops upon request.


 Publish and release two new titles as described below:

DR. PEGGY'S PERISCOPE  (Booklet of logics and probes)

UN-VALED/ Oral History of a Southwest Virginia Family 1845-1945 Family history recorded by Peggy Ann Griffin. The work includes slave narratives, reconstruction, and emergence into modern life by an African-American family in 9

central Appalachia. Their peaceful means of existence offers lessons to all families. 100 pages Size: 9x6 Price: $11.95

PEARL A compilation of research findings from Project PEARL.

Constructing and releasing two box games as described below:

PEACEFINDER- The objective of this game is for players to find peaceful solutions to difficult situations.

NEIGHBORHOOD- A cooperative simulation game, challenging players to arrive at strategies that will build a peaceful neighborhood.

 Conducting follow-up community workshops on concepts that emerged from the Peace works series.

 Producing one new video as described below:

 Neighborhood A fifteen- minute teaching-learning video that is complementary to the box-game, Neighborhood.

Train and equip a Peace Seeds Corps of 15 leaders who will work in their local areas to bring about peaceful relationships


 Publishing and releasing the oral history sequel as described below:

UN-VALED part II/ Oral History of a Southwest Virginia Family 1945-2016 Family history recorded by Peggy Ann Griffin. The lives of African American coal miners and tobacco farmers, facing the industrial age in Central Appalachia. Their peaceful means of existence offers lessons to all families. 100 pages Size: 9x6 Price: $11.95

 Debut a Peace Education line of clothing

 Release more books, games, and videos, according to demand

    Conduct writing workshops

    Enlarge the Peace Seeds Corps to 30 leaders


 Produce a video game that will be an expanded version of Neighborhood

 Release more books, games, videos and clothing, according to demand

    Conduct writing workshops

    Enlarge the Peace Seeds Corps to 60 leaders


 Release more books, games, videos, and clothing according to demand

    Conduct writing workshops

   Enlarge the Peace Seeds Corps to 120 leaders


    Release more books, games, videos, and clothing according to demand

   Conduct writing workshops

   Maintain the Corps of Peace Seeds leaders.

Peace Explosion Budget 2016-2017

Work-meeting space Rental         $ 2,000.00

Telephone     $ 200.00

Website  $ 600.00

Transportation  $ 300.00


Converter and projector screen  $ 300.00

DVD player  $ 200.00

General Office Expense

Paper  $ 300.00

Cartridges  $ 400.00

Gen. supplies  $ 300.00

Production  - Publishing 10 books

Printing  $ 15,000.00

Editing  $ 2,500.00

Illustrations  $ 2,500.00

E-book conversion     $1,000.00

Proof reading  $ 500.00

Copyright &Trademarks  $ 700.00

Video Production

Videos  $ 500.00

Boxed Games  $ 1,000.00


Facilitator/CEO  $ 2,000.00

Coach  $ 500.00

Adm. Assistant  $ 2,000.00

Technical Assistant  $ 2,000.00

Workshops  $ 2,000.00

Advertising  $ 500.00

Total  $ 37,300.00



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