Another question that we are asking is " Who are the ten most influential thought leaders in the City of Chicago who have made an impact in reducing violence in local neighborhoods?"  We believe that progressive actions in Chicago will offer solutions to the problem of violence in other US cities.  If you wish to suggest someone to be interviewed, please submit the name of that person in the form below.  The findings in this investigation will be released in future reports.

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If you respond to any of Project Pearl's questions, you will receive a free report.  Below are some additional questions. Submit your responses and receive a free report.

1. Has your organization had any positive results in preventing violence or in resolving conflict. Please state one example.

2. What is the single, biggest obstacle to eliminating violence in your city?

3. Will after-school programs alleviate violence?

4. What resources (literature, visuals, etc.) do you recommend to increase awareness of Peace Education? Is there a need for more resources?

5. What questions are yet to be asked about bringing peace to local neighborhoods?

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Project Pearl is the research arm of Global Outlook Educational Services.  Our premise is that asking the right questions will lead to solutions to problems.  One of the questions that we are asking is "What is the one thing that you believe needs to be done to eliminate violence?"  If you wish to respond to this question, please submit your comments in the form below. Watch for the release of future reports which will correlate the responses we receive.  

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