and guide others in doing likewise.   Modern technology and mass transportation compels us to look beyond our local neighborhoods. Communities have become more global.  Communication devices and population shifts have brought us to each other's doorsteps.  We therefore need to get acquainted and be neighborly.  Global Outlook Educational Services views Peace Education as local and international.  Our workshops and resources help build strong world communities.

Future Projections

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Global Outlook Educational Services operates on the premise thatOne's vision guides what one accomplishes in life.  Our educational goal is to help provide a lens through which participants can more fully envision the concept of "peace as possible." Our educational philosophy is that high expectations yield high results.  We expect the best of human behavior and subsequently anticipate  great achievements. 

Positive values and moral actions are necessary in arriving at a more peaceful society.  We, therefore revere the exemplary walk in life of such persons as Martin Luther King Jr., Mahatma Gandhi, and Henry David Thoreau.  To build a system upon the noble ideas contributed by these individuals, We can follow the building models set forth by Mary McLeod Bethune.  To be effective in the teaching-learning process while building on these models, we employ the Thomas Dewey theory of "Learning by doing." 

The afore mentioned leaders had in common a vision that is international in scope.  They foresaw the world in which we now live and left roadmaps for us to find our places in it.  It is our responsibility to become international scholars